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From the Desk of Rep Pat Fallon Revised

New Year Brings Crisis and Accountability

Record Illegal Border Crossings Continue, House Rs Move to Hold Biden Team Accountable on All Fronts

January 11, 2024

Dear Friend,

Over the past three years, it's clear the number one request from the great citizens of Texas’ Fourth Congressional District has been to secure our southern border. And rightfully so; the border under Biden's policies is an unprecedented disaster and an affront to American sovereignty.

I visited our southern border earlier this month, and from what Customs and Border Patrol agents tell me, the Mexican drug cartels, not the U.S. government, control our southern border. Through his policies, Biden has abdicated that responsibility to the cartels for their financial gain.

Take for example the Del Rio sector, which cartels recently flooded with tens of thousands of illegals. Border Patrol was forced to allocate all of their resources to process these illegal migrants, which left the rest of the sector entirely unmanned and unguarded, which was precisely the cartel’s intent. They aim to flood a certain point, which will then leave hundreds of miles unguarded.

Our open border is a signal to the world that if you can make it within our borders, you can stay. Recent reports show that less than five percent of illegals who have crossed our border under Biden have been deported. We don’t even know who these individuals are, which makes this a massive national security threat.

But what will it take to secure our border and end this disaster? If Biden doesn’t want to get serious about advancing policies that secure our border, then why should House Republicans be obliged to fund his government?

This is an existential threat that needed to be addressed, yesterday. Three years have gone by and Biden has left no doubt in any objective mind that, unless his hand is forced, he will not put in place policies to secure the border. In my view it is clear that House Republicans have no choice but to force his hand.

For Texas and Liberty,

Rep. Pat Fallon

Texas' Fourth Congressional District

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Capitol Hill Update

Homeland Security Committee Advances Mayorkas Impeachment Articles: Yesterday, House Republicans moved forward with their first hearing on impeaching Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

One Year Ago: I was the FIRST House Republican to introduce articles of impeachment for Sec. Mayorkas for his failure to maintain operational control of our southern border.

This is excellent news from the Homeland Security Committee this week.The crisis at our border cannot wait and neither can accountability.

Hunter Biden Held in Contempt of Congress:Hunter Biden failed to show for his deposition before House Oversight last December and our committee was forced to hold him in contempt of Congress this week for his failure to abide by our subpoena.

Rather than play by the rules, Hunter Biden and his attorneys showed up yesterday before Oversight for about one quarter of a football game. It’s my opinion that Hunter Biden does not want to answer any questions about his foreign business dealings(and his father’s alleged involvement).

SECDEF Austin Fails to Disclose Hospital Visit: I can't even begin to say how irresponsible it was for Secretary of Defense Austin to fail to disclose that he was hospitalized and unable to perform his duties earlier this month. To make matters worse, the Biden White House didn't even know this happened for three days. U.S. forces are under threat overseas, but our Sec. of Defense can't be bothered to maintain a clear chain of command?

After all, if ANY member of the Armed Forces did something similar, no doubt, they would be relieved of command. I signed onto a letter this week with my colleagues on the House Armed Services Committee demanding answers from Sec. Austin and the White House, which you can read here.

District Spotlight

Are you or someone you know interested in an internship in our office? We're currently accepting applications for internships with both our Washington, D.C. office and here in Texas’ Fourth District. This is a great opportunity for college students or recent college grads who are considering a career in public service. The application window is now open for our winter, spring and summer sessions. More information and a link the application can be found, here.

We are hiring both legislative and press interns!

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In Case You Missed It

What is a Deposition? Many in the liberal media have continued to repeat the lie that House Republicans don't want to hear Hunter Biden testify. If you have heard me talk in the past couple years, you will know that couldn't be further from the truth. Hunter MUST appear for a deposition, not a circus, as I explained on Newsmax, here.

64 Times Too Many: Despite what liberals and their allies in the media might say, Joe Biden’s border policies have created the crisis at the border– see here a comprehensive list of 64 times Biden policies have undermined border security.

Until Next Time: Last year was historic one for the U.S. House of Representatives. Congress has gone through a tumultuous Speaker's race not once, but twice. The United States faces renewed aggression from our adversaries abroad and our economy continued its slow recovery as many Americans still struggle to make ends meet.

House Republicans' priority in 2024 is to hold the Biden Administration accountable for the mess its policies have created. America and the world needs steadfast leadership at this critical juncture in history.

I promise to continue to work with my Republican colleagues to advance the best interests of you, the American taxpayer in Texas' Fourth District.

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