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Letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas

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February 3, 2022 

The Honorable Alejandro Mayorkas

Secretary of Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security

2707 Martin Luther King Jr, Ave SE

Washington, D.C. 20258-0525

Dear Secretary Mayorkas: 

I write to you today regarding the Biden Administration's unwillingness and flat out refusal to enforce our immigration laws and to correctly address the catastrophe at our southern border. As you are aware, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) just reported 178,840 encounters in December-this number is higher than the three previous Decembers combined.

Even more alarming, recent reporting by Fox News showed several federally contracted buses dropping off scores of mostly male migrants at a parking garage in Brownsville, Texas. According to credible reports, several of the migrants stated that they had crossed illegally and that they had paid approximately $2,000 per person to cartel smugglers. These migrants said that they were flying to destinations including Miami, Houston, and Atlanta.

Worse yet, there are reports that U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement was not only aware of these actions, but actually facilitated the release of these migrants, The blatant subversion of court orders and immigration enforcement by yourself and President Biden is immoral, unacceptable, and illegal. 

I would like your urgent response to the following questions: 

  • Why is DHS actively sabotaging the court ordered enforcement of the "Remain in Mexico" policy and the entirety of the Trump-era Title 42 policies?
  • What role did DHS have in facilitating the release in Brownsville, Texas?
  • Why are you pushing policies across DHS that will reward and encourage illegal migration into the United States?

For Texas and Liberty,

Pat Fallon, Member of Congress