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Rep. Fallon Leads 23 Colleagues in Letter to DoD Regarding Service-Members' Signing Bonuses

Washington, D.C.– As first reported byFox News,Congressman Pat Fallon (TX-04)recently led 23 of his colleagues in a letter to Secretary Austin expressing concerns about service-members who were fired for failing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine being asked to pay back their signing bonuses.


The co-signers of the letter are Reps.(23):Rosendale, Cammack, Luna, Self, Biggs, Cline, Roy, Norman, Posey, Dejarlais, Dunn, McCormick, R. Jackson, Breechen, Boebert, Gaetz, Perry, Duncan, Babin, Stauber, Gimenez, Steube, and Alford.


Congressman Fallon issued the statement below:


"From the beginning, the decision to create a COVID-19 vaccine requirement in the military was wrong. In the FY ’23 NDAA, we fought to ensure an end to this madness.


The military is already facing a historic recruiting shortfall and this type of bad policy is only exacerbating the issue. We must now end the practice of further punishing individuals by requiring them to pay back enlistment bonuses and work to establish a pathway back to service for anyone who has been affected.”