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Congressman Pat Fallon to Serve on House Oversight and Accountability in the 118th Congress

Last week, it was announced that Congressman Pat Fallon (TX-04) will be joining 25 of his Republican colleagues on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee in the 118th Congress.

Congressman Fallon issued the following statement: 

“Over the past two years, America has experienced crisis after crisis. From the economy to the energy sector, to our southern border, Democrats one-party rule has set our nation back. I look forward to putting all my energy into the Committee’s priority to clean up Washington and hold this Administration accountable for their actions or lack thereof. I have full confidence in Chairman Comer’s ability to run a tight ship this Congress on the Oversight and Accountability Committee. His Chairmanship ushers in a Congress wherein rogue Executive Agencies will be held accountable for their decisions, massive fraud will finally be in check, and the influence of foreign adversaries at the highest level of our government will be fully exposed. Let’s go to work.”