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Congressman Pat Fallon Introduces the Lone Star Reimbursement Act

As first reported by Fox Newsearlier today, Congressman Pat Fallon (TX-04) introduced The Lone Star Reimbursement Act. This legislation would require the Department of Defense to reimburse the State of Texas for the costs of Operation Lone Star incurred in fiscal years 2021 and 2022. 

This legislation is co-sponsored by Reps. Ronny Jackson (TX-13), Roger Williams (TX-25), Kay Granger (TX-12), Michael Cloud (TX-27), Michael Burgess, M.D. (TX-26),  Jake Ellzey (TX-06), Randy Weber (TX-14),  Brian Babin (TX-36), and Troy Nehls (TX-22), August Pfluger (TX- 11), and Louie Gohmert (TX-1). 

Congressman Fallon issued the statement below: 

“To put it simply, border security is national security. As a border state, Texas is disproportionally impacted by illegal immigration, but we shouldn’t be forced to bear the entire financial burden when it comes to securing the entire country. Gov. Abbott launched Operation Lone Star because of a lack of action from this administration. Texas shouldn’t be punished for Biden’s mistake and my Lone Star Reimbursement Act recognizes this.”

Congressman Michael Burgess, M.D. added: 

“The Biden Border Crisis is turning every state into a border state; however, Texas should not be bearing the sole cost to secure our southern border. I have offered amendments to appropriations bills to repay Texas for its leadership and hard work to protect Americans. I appreciate my friend Pat Fallon for joining this fight with the Lonestar Reimbursement Act.”

Congressman Brian BabinHouse Border Security Caucus Co-Chair said: 

"Texas has stepped up to fill the void left by this pro-open borders administration and is the only protection we have left against a full-scale invasion at the southern border. The state should be reimbursed immediately for doing what Biden refuses to do – secure the nation.”

Congressman Michael Cloud stated: 

"The Biden administration failed the American people by abandoning their Constitutional duty to secure our southern border. Texas stepped up, at their own expense, to do the job the Biden administration relinquished. Texas must be reimbursed."

Congressman Jake Ellzey issued the following: 

“Our southern border is no longer just about families coming to find a better life. The Biden administration has intentionally failed in its responsibility to protect the American people, and Texans have paid the price, both figuratively and literally. Over the two years, Texans have spent over 3 billion dollars to secure our border. Per the Constitution, that is a federal function, and we owe Texans every penny they have paid. I am proud to stand with my fellow colleagues in filling the Lonestar Reimbursement Act. If the President won't do his job, Congress will.”

Congressman Randy Weber said: 

“Under the abysmal failures of President Biden at our southern border, Texas is being forced to foot the bill for the outrageous cost of illegal immigration. We cannot continue to force Texans to pay for criminal cartels, human smugglers, and illegal immigrants to pour across our border while the Biden administration looks the other way. President Biden must take responsibility for the crisis he created.”